Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page to publish autobiography in October

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is to release his official autopbiography later this year.

Jimmy Page will be released in October and features over 600 photos from the musician's archive as well as his own words telling the story of Led Zeppelin's rise. The book was originally released in 2010 but limited to just 2,500 copies. The new edition will be made widely available and more affordable.

Speaking about the book, Page, who is the first member of Led Zeppelin to write a book, says: "I've been asked on a number of occasions to do a written book and I thought of the other side of the coin. I thought it would be unique to have an autobiography in photographs, charting my whole musical journey."

The book is the latest Led Zeppelin release of 2014 with reissues of the band's first three albums having been released this week (June 2). Page has said that he decided to reissue the band's first three albums to remind people what a "fucking good band" they were, telling NME in this week's issue that he saw an opportunity to introduce a new generation of music fans to the songs.

"I hope young musicians find it a source of inspiration," Page says. "That's how I learned, and that's what's so seductive about this nerdish thing. Led Zeppelin have real serious musical mastery and this is passing it on. It's a cool thing to do." Remastered by Page, the CD, vinyl and digital reissues each include previously unheard tracks.

Page has also spoken about the chances of the band headlining Glastonbury Festival in the future. Talking recently about comments made by Michael Eavis, in which the festival boss said he was "sure" the band would one day headline the festival, he said: "I haven't heard about anything since the 2007 O2 gig, but you never know do you... you never know what's going to happen tomorrow, do you?"

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page will be released on October 14.

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