Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Weeknd – “Often”

Tom Breihan/StereoGum

Abel Tesfaye doesn't generally throw individual songs up on Soundcloud for the hell of it, but he did it last night, sharing a ghostly R&B dirge called “Often.” The song comes with no details, but it’s almost hilariously characteristic. It is, after all, a song about how good Tesfaye is at fucking, except that he makes his gift sound like an absolutely exhausting burden. It’s the first solo track that Tesfaye has shared since his “Drunk In Love” cover a few months ago, so it’s good to hear that he still makes this whole thing sound effortless. Listen to it below.

We’re probably not due for a new Weeknd album quite yet, but if he’s doing a Drake-style throwing-tons-of-music-up-online-to-see-what-sticks thing, I’m down.

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