Monday, July 28, 2014

FKA Twigs’ new song “Video Girl”

CHRIS COPLAN/Consequence of Sound

British experimental R&B artist FKA Twigs has unveiled “Video Girl”, the second track off her forthcoming debut, LP1. Following the sensuous grooves of “Two Weeks”, this latest track veers toward the realm of minimalist trip-hop, with the organic flutter of sweltering guitars paired with robotic rattle of an MPC to create an interesting sonic dichotomy. Twigs’ voice attempts to find balance between both notions, that of visceral heartache and a sense of artificial distance, resulting in rich layers of heartache and remorse embedded in her otherwise angelic croon.

Of the song, Twigs recently told Pitchfork, “I wrote that very shortly after I stopped being a video girl. When I got signed, I stopped dancing — I’d given up that part of my life. I would go out, and somebody would be like, ’Oh, I recognize you!’ I’d hope it was because they’d heard my music, but they’d say, ’Are you that girl from the Jessie J video?’ I’d always say ’no,’ and they’d be like, ’You’re lying!’ I’d say, ’No! It’s not me.’ They’d say, ’You look just like her.’ And I’d be like, ’I know. So many people say that! It’s weird!”

Listen in below (via Tecoapple):

LP1 is due out August 12th via Young Turks. For more sounds, check out live versions of the album tracks “Lights On”, “Pendulum”, and “Give Up“. Plus, watch the totally beguiling video for her remix of 2012’s “Ache”.

LP1 Tracklist:
01. Preface
02. Lights On
03. Two Weeks
04. Hours
05. Pendulum
06. Video Girl
07. Numbers
08. Closer
09. Give Up
10. Kicks

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