Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lily Allen’s video for “As Long As I Got You” is a fitting tribute to Glastonbury

Chris Coplan/Consequence of Sound

Lily Allen has shared the video for arguably Sheezus’ most feel-good track, “As Long As I Got You”. As a reflection of its saccharine vibes, the accompanying visuals find Allen documenting the sentimental role that Glastonbury Festival has played in her life. “I’ve been to Glastonbury pretty much every year since I’ve been born,” Allen said, offering up a few photos from festivals past, including some adorable baby pics, before launching into walking tour of this year’s festivities. By now, Allen’s prowess for satire is well documented, but it’s sort of nice to see her embrace a sense of poppy romanticism without all that underlying snark.

In a press release, Allen shared further insight into Glastonbury’s significance: “Glastonbury has always been a huge part of my life, and I wanted to make this video there to celebrate the spirit of the festival and also to show how my life has changed since the last time I played there. From being there as a child with my Dad, to my wilder days in the 2000s, to this year when I was back on the Pyramid stage, and taking my husband and own daughters along!”

Watch it below:

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