Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sia Scores First Number One Album

Noam Galai/WireImage
Steve Knopper/RollingStone

Slow sales continue, but at least they're consistent — tracks are down 13 percent and albums are down 15 percent, numbers that have held steady for weeks. Here's a new one, though, according to Billboard: This week's overall sales of 4.1 million represent the lowest number since SoundScan began tallying sales data in 1991.

Sia Furler, the prolific Australian singer-songwriter whose unique marketing campaign involves never showing her face, is Number One for the first time — the gloomy-yet-triumphant 1000 Forms of Fear sold 52,000 copies. But like just about every top album on the Billboard charts these days (with the exception of the Frozen soundtrack and possibly Beyonce), I have a feeling it could have achieved more. Sia's excellent "Chandelier" video, starring a kid in a wig in lieu of the singer, has scored 64 million YouTube views since it came out in early May, and the track has streamed 33 million times via Spotify. The single has jumped from Number 20 to Number 17 on the Hot 100. So why so few album sales?

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