Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Estefans are going to Broadway
A Janeth Paez/Being Latino Contributor

Watch out now, because “The Rhythm is Gonna Get You”, “On your Feet”, will hit Broadway in the Fall of 2015. That’s right, Cuban Americans Gloria and Emilio Estefan are going to Broadway with their Grammy award winning hits. How exciting to know this is in the works. Who doesn't want to see a larger Latino presence on what’s known as the Great White Way?

Referred as such because it was one of the first places to have electrically lighted street lamps but how metaphoric, when it also can reference the fact that for so long there were only Caucasian leads in many of Broadway shows. Now we have plays rich with African Americans and we've had shows like, In the Heights. Even John Leguizamo had a few stints on Broadway that did very well.

But this will be different. Like Jersey Boys, it reflects on music and the great hits that many of us can listen to and be brought back to a special time in our lives. Gloria Estefan is an icon that wrote hit after hit and is one of the world’s best selling artists of all time. We should give her the props she deserves. Her music can be heard on slow jams stations, Latin stations, and English-language stations, all over the world and now her music will be on display for the world to flock to Broadway. It would be great for them to incorporate the favorites like, “Don’t want to lose you now” and “Words get in the way” and the songs in Spanish like “Mi Tierra” and “Con Los AƱos que Me Quedan”.

An icon in his own right, producer Emilio Estefan has played a big part in her success. He’s also paved the way for other artists like Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Shakira just to name a few. The Estefans say they are going to be casting the show through a reality show, which would be a great way to garner a larger fan base for what is sure to be a hit show. Grease did the same thing a few years ago, to much acclaim and success. Only time will tell if this will in fact be true, but if they do proceed, one of the requirements should be that the starlet that plays Gloria must be able to conga like a rock star. We can’t deny that Gloria’s music will have us dancing on our feet and she’s had her fair share of drama like the bus accident that almost left her paralyzed with a broken back. The Grammy award winning singer, songwriter is making a brilliant move, taking her life to the stage. Cheers to the Estefans who are continuously paving the way for Latinos in the music industry.

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