Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jeff Tweedy Releases Another New Song

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Oh, it’s Thursday. That means it’s time for another new song by Jeff Tweedy.

The Wilco frontman has his debut solo album, ‘Sukierae,’ coming out on Sept. 23 — only it’s not really a solo album. It’s credited to Tweedy, and his backing group includes members of R.E.M. (touring sideman Scott McCaughey) and Lucius (singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig). And his 18-year-old son Spencer plays drums on the project.

Tweedy has released six songs from the album so far. Here’s the seventh, ‘High As Hello’:

And like some, but not all, of the tracks we’ve heard so far from ‘Sukierae,’ ‘High As Hello’ is a moody soundscape of a tune that falls somewhere between Tweedy’s singer-songwriter roots and Wilco’s more adventurous cuts.

The rolling drums, haunting backing vocals and buzzing electronics that bookend the song definitely steer it toward Wilco territory, but the song itself would work just as well as a solo acoustic piece.

‘High As Hello’ follows ‘I’ll Sing It,’ ‘Summer Noon,’ ‘Wait for Love,’ ‘Diamond Light – Part 1,’ ‘Fake Fur Coat‘ and ‘Low Key.’ At this rate, there may not be any surprises on the record when it finally comes out six weeks from now.

Here’s the first video from the album, ‘Summer Noon,’ in case you need even more Tweedy:

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