Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Channing Tatum Raps About Penis

Chris Martins/Spin

There's a new handshake between gentlemen, it'd seem. As Channing Tatum will tell you above, in a rhythmic cadence, "The Dick Graze" is a move dudes should (totally never) do when saying hey to their boys, or possibly meeting new fellas out and about. We're assuming that super-producer Diplo is on board since he appears in the clip. Then again, he's conspicuously surrounded by women which would limit his ability to take the overly friendly gesture for a trial spin. All of this arrives in order to promote 22 Jump Street, and co-star Jillian Bell appears in the video as well to offer a female alternative to the just-the-fingertip weiner-bump. Click play above to learn her technique, and check for Diplo DJing a Spring Break rager in the actual movie, which hit theaters in June.

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