Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jessica Lange Will Cover Lana Del Rey on American Horror Story

Anna Silman/Vulture

According to a tweet from creator Ryan Murphy, Asylum's Lana Winters isn’t the only American Horror Story character to (unintentionally) channel our favorite Brooklyn Baby. Responding to a fan who is understandably terrified of what sort of nightmares Twisty the Clown is going to give her, Murphy tried to sweeten the deal, writing, "Tina, don't be afraid! The clown is scary, true. But don't you wanna see Jessica Lange sing a Lana Del Rey song?"

Ooh! We're intrigued. But which of Lana's spooky, ethereal ballads will Jessica Lange's ringmaster sing? Perhaps "Ultraviolence"? Or maybe she could just cover Lana’s cover of "Once Upon a Dream" from Maleficent? Now that was creepy.

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