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WJSG Internet Radio is for the music listener, the music maker as well as the person who is in the music business. We seek to be your source for all things music whether it is sharing new releases, new music gadgets, changes in the industry domestically as well as internationally. We scour the internet looking for the stuff you may want to hear about and not the same crap everyone else is cramming down your throat. We will focus on things only relating to music and not personal controversies like Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen out together. If they didn't sing a song while they were out, it does not qualify to be posted as news on this page. Leave the drama for your momma.

As always, if you have something that you want shared, send it to us at wjsgradio@gmail.com and we'll do our best to get it out there on all of our social platforms.

Thank you for your support

Update: 5/31/2012 

Seek and ye shall find. If you have been keeping up with us, you’ll have noticed that Spotify granted my wish and made their playlists embeddable for your web pages. To the right, you can listen to our main playlist which consists mainly of Indie/Alternative music.

On the “Playlists” page you will find all of our other playlists also embedded from Spotify.

-WJSG All 80’s
-WJSG All 70’s
-Hump Day Love Mix
-One for the Road
-Women in Music
- Pure Cheese

Some playlist are up to 8 hours long. So you can click play and have music to fill a full work day. And if you don’t like a song, all you have to do is skip. There is also the option of turning on the Shuffle to hear the songs on that list randomly. And finally, at the top of each playlist is the option to “Start Playlist Radio”.

Not into Spotify? Well, we still have our Pandora and Slacker stations (see the links pgs). There is also a playlist for Independent Artists from ReverbNation on out "Playlists" page where you can discover new artists.

Check our South Florida Shows page for concert listings and links to purchase tickets which also provides a section for listings at Fort Lauderdale's own Revolution.

And for those of you who are over Facebook, we are also on Google +

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those persons who have made contributions of press releases and recorded material which we redistribute via our multiple social platforms. We look forward to evolving along with the internet and fighting for the protection of it (NO SOPA).

Until the next up date…

Graciously yours,


On a quest to revolutionize the way you think of radio!

Update: 12/29/11

For those of you coming to our About Us page for the first time, who are we? We're just a few people who really love all music and want to share it in any way that we can online. We would like you to share what ever you like or have (Music wise) with  us here or on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/WJSGInternet Radio. 

Since my last update, we added a podcast to our front page "Outsight Radio Hours". You can listen to the podcast directly from this site our you can follow ORH on Tumblr at: http://outsightradiohours.tumblr.com/. 

We also have playlists available through Spotify (See Playlists Page). 
We've seen a steady increase of subscribers to our Pandora Station (see links page) as well as to our Tumblr page http://wjsginternetradio.tumblr.com/ 

Update: 9/14/11

www.wjsginternetradio.com (or www.wjsgradio.com for the slower typer) is now live!

The world of the internet moves fast. Every day technology improves in leaps & bounds. Developers are making their products easier for the pedestrian users to maneuver. With a little bit of patience, eventually someone will come up with a way to give you the tools that you need. In our case, Blogger partners with GoDaddy in order to allow us to go from a wjsgradio.blogspot.com to www.wjsgradio.com.

According to the Rumor mill, Facebook will be partnering with Spotify, Pandora, Slacker, etc on September 22nd , providing us with yet another tool vital to our development. Now if only they'd combine with Blogger or provide embedding codes, we'd be golden.

In the mean time, we're still trying to find a way to broadcast live in a way that wont break us before we've even begun. Until then you can come to this page for the news as well as our Tumblr and Myspace pages, our Facebook for updates, Twitter for frequent updates and/or posts from our Pandora Stations and Spotify playlists (see Links on the left).

Update: 4/11/11

In my last post, I addressed incorporating WJSG Internet Radio. After some research into the matter, it seems that it is not a necessary step. No business bank account was necessary to activate Google Adsense. We also ran into a number of technical issues with hardware. Those issues have been resolved (knock on wood) & we will soon be able to make high quality, professional recordings to be posted here on the blog, as well as on our Facebook & Twitter pages. There is also the matter of investing in a broadcasting service such as Live365 to cover the licensing issues. As well as consolidating everything into one website.

The process is slow. But then again, so is any business in its first year. We are working every day, every possible moment. It’s not easy. At times it can be very discouraging when faced with an internet audience. Attention spans have the lifespan of fly. It’s also made harder when the people closest to you show absolutely no interest or support for what you’re trying to do. But according to the stats, there is an average of 100 daily viewers for the blog from all over the globe & 400 users monthly on the Facebook page. That is more than enough motivation to keep us going.

The first part of our mission is to grab enough attention to lure the audience in; then to get the audience's participation and lastly to get the audience to pass on the word or make us “viral”. We seem to be stuck on the first part. And need YOU to move on to the next 2…

As we’ve mentioned before, we don’t want WJSG to be a one way thing (Just us putting things out there for you). For that you can go to just any ol’ blog site. We want YOU to take part in the evolution of WJSG by sending us stuff that you would like to see posted. Post, Comment, Share! Have you gone to a concert & took pictures? bought/downloaded an album? Heard a song? Seen a video? Send us a review at: wjsgradio@gmail.com.

The only thing we ask is that you be mature about it. “X,Y & Z sucks” & “is ugly” is NOT mature content (Any/All items submitted are subject to review & may be denied if determined to be unsuitable). Save the drama for your mama.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers. It is all of you who inspire me to continue posting for & developing WJSG. A shout out to Denmark, our biggest numbers, Germany, the UK, Russia, France & Hong Kong for your continued support. As well as, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Philippines, Turkey, Puerto Rico & occasionally Brazil.

The new short term goal is to legally incorporate WJSG. then I may open a business bank account so that I may allow advertising on this blog which will in turn generate revenue. Revenue equals prizes for contests, give aways, covering the costs of being a corporation, exclusive writers, photographers, voice talent, broadcasting fees & taxes. Hopefully, 2011 will be the year that I can go from working for someone else to working exclusively for WJSG. Working towards bringing you live broadcasting! But I need your help to do it.

Reposting links to this page, our Facebook & Twitter will help incredibly. Also your input is greatly desired. We want you to take part in creating this. Do you have any music news you would like to share? information about an album or an artists? Let the music bring the world together!

Thank you

 J, WJSG Internet Radio

WJSG Internet Radio can now be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pandora & Slacker (see links page). The point of this project is to have music from different eras, genres & influences all in one place. Be it Pop, Rock, Alternative, Country, Spanish or other. We want everyone to expand their horizons by exposing them to a real mix of sounds. This is no place for music snobs. If you truly love music, you will love all (or at least most) of what WJSG Radio Internet has to offer. 

Opinions are welcomed. Constructive criticism helps to build. Pointless negativity is counter productive. Any person(s) who insist on conducting themselves in a juvenile manner will be blocked immediately. Internet bullying will NOT be tolerated. It's time we bring beauty back into this world and let the anger & hate go!

Thank you,
J, WJSG Internet Radio

My goal is to broadcast from home. I can see myself standing in the middle of a studio wearing a T-shirt, ripped jeans & a J in my mouth. One side of the room is taken up by a wall to wall server containing music & information about music. The opposite wall would have a glass looking into a sound booth, computers and monitors. I'm shaking & shimmying lost in Tunage of my choosing. I want my entire day to consist of listening to, reading about & broadcasting music.

Music from the past as well as the present. Music from different genres, eras & influences all in one place without limits. I would love to have a music library big enough to allow me to play for hours and hours and not repeat a song for days, maybe months.

But how? Ever since the invention of the iPod, all anyone is interested in is in their own likes. The only way they would learn of a new song or artist is because they happened to hear it on a tv show or movie. Another source would be record labels trying to convince you of their latest artist by over-exposing them.

So what happens to the 30 to 40 something year old with the iPod containing old music, who doesn't have the time to gather or can't afford to collect music in this economy? What about the kid who can't drive yet, much less go to a club & needs some form of inspiration out side of a damned video game?

I guess the answer to that is that now you can listen to music on-line for free. But how many people actually program their stations? How many of those internet streams contain everything they would want? Do they explore all their musical options? Do they learn about how what they see now came from something done 20 years ago? What if someone can do it for you? That's what I want to do. But is there anyone out there willing to listen?

WJSG Internet Radio is currently a developing web-casting project. I officially own the url www.wjsgradio.com but have nothing to put on it yet. Actually, no I'm lying. I've got butt loads of stuff to put on it but I still have to figure out how. I have:

- 6 playlists in playlist.com
- Stations in both Pandora & Slacker Radio (which I am constantly rating music) http://slacker.com/r/C1ps2
- A frozen library in Yahoo Music
- Another library in iTunes
- Songs lists on Facebook, Twitter and a few dozen hand written lists
- Several voice talents
- Another person to contribute playlists
- Promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger & Myspace
- Website logo artwork

Yet to look into:
- Completing the organizing of my iTunes
- www.live365.com
- Business Pages in Facebook & Myspace
- An External Hardrive
- Gathering of more music
- Purchasing Protools
- Learning how to use Protools
- Use Pro Tools
- Incorporating

And that's what I have so far. I don't really know where to go from this point. That's pretty much were my partners come into play. God give me the patience & stamina to bring this dream to fruition. And if anyone would like to give me some practical advise, that's welcome too.

Until the next post, thanks for listening.
J, WJSG Internet Radio
An eclectic mix of tunes from different eras, genres & influences. (in collaboration with Sonic Hobo Productions)

Would you like to be a contributor? Post videos or write a review on an artist, song or album? Submit your article to: wjsgradio@gmail.com